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Tom Price is coming after Medicare, Obamacare under the guise of helping doctors
"Everything Price is doing to help out his old colleagues is almost certainly something that is going to undermine actual patient care or weaken Medicare. He's trying to do it retroactively, too, "reversing certain Medicare rules to ensure some physicians no longer face penalties they would otherwise have had to pay." He's doing it all unilaterally, in his own little kingdom. It's just one more way the Trump administration isn't just sabotaging Obamacare, but the whole health system."

“Deadbeat-in-chief”: Samantha Bee takes on Donald Trump and the GOP’s plan to sabotage Obamacare
"For years, Obamacare opponents have taken drastic steps to sabotage the current health care system. From filing countless lawsuits to attaching riders to random, non-health care related bills, Republicans have been steadfast in their efforts to sabotage Obamacare."


Why on Earth Is Trump Attacking Nation's Nursing Home Population?
"the effort to roll back protections from some of society's most vulnerable people is just part of "a disturbing trend of the Trump administration attempting to reverse critical protections against forced arbitration," which prevents individuals or groups of people from filing lawsuits or seeking damages for fraud, abuse, neglect, medical malpractice and other forms of wrongdoing. As Jason P. Steed, an appellate lawyer, kindly translated on Twitter: "Translation: Trump Admin making it easier for nursing homes to abuse elderly and not be held accountable for it." With Monday the last day for the public to weigh in on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposal to ditch an Obama-era rule prohibiting use of forced arbitration "ripoff clauses" in nursing home admission agreements, lawmakers and advocacy groups are trying to draw attention to the effort and also filing official objections to the rule with the agency."

Tweet first, read later: Trump shares article blaming his policies for health care price increases
"the story, published Tuesday, makes clear that the Trump administration’s attempts to sabotage Obamacare are the primary culprit."


In 'Latest Attempt to Distort Democracy,' Koch Brothers Bolster GOP Tax Cut Efforts
"The GOP is attempting to "slash our Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other vital services American families depend on—all to put more money into the already substantial tax breaks enjoyed by profitable corporations, millionaires, and billionaires," said Susan Harley, deputy director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch division."

Trump isn’t letting Obamacare die; he’s trying to kill it
"From the get-go, the Trump Administration quickly sought to impair the success of the Affordable Care Act. In one of its first moves, the Department of Health and Human Services under the direction of Secretary Tom Price pulled advertising for the federal government’s enrollment entity, The advertising has proven important to reach 18 to 34-years-olds. Enrolling these “young invincibles” is crucial for stabilizing risk pools because they are generally healthier and seek less medical care. States running independent campaigns, like California and its insurance marketplace Covered California, have been very successful in recruiting young people. In an ironic twist, the Trump Administration used advertising funding intended for the promotion of the Affordable Care Act for a series of social media promotions attacking the law. Also, in mid-July, the Administration moved to end contracts for enrollment assistance in 18 major cities. Contractors helped individuals navigate the often challenging enrollment process in such places as libraries, businesses and urban neighborhoods in these cities which had been identified by the Obama Administration as high priority. Finally, the window for the next open enrollment period has been cut in half compared to previous years, thus making it difficult for time-pressed people and those who need enrollment help to enroll. Many of these actions have triggered calls for inquiries into potential malfeasance by Congress and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Trump Administration officials have been actively traveling the country and pushing talking points that are often false, or, at the very least, highly misleading and incomplete."

After blocking the GOP's repeal of the ACA, senator describes the 'extraordinary' greeting back home
"Sen. Susan Collins returned home to Maine on Friday and was greeted with great enthusiasm by travelers inside the Bangor International Airport. As she walked off the plane, travelers in the gate area recognized her and broke into a hearty round of applause that continued to get louder as word spread she was in the area."

Here is the evil Trump is trying to do to Obamacare — and America

Here is the evil Trump is trying to do to Obamacare — and America:

"Actively seeking to bring hardship to millions of Americans by sabotaging their health coverage is certainly highly questionable from a moral and ethical perspective. Future inquiries may also prove that they are illegal."

Sen. Susan Collins: Trump's Threats Have Contributed To Instability In The Insurance Market | Crooks and Liars

Sen. Susan Collins: Trump's Threats Have Contributed To Instability In The Insurance Market | Crooks and Liars

"Sen. Susan Collins of Maine discussed the warm welcome she received in Maine after her vote against the so-called "skinny repeal" bill, and shot down the Trump administration's talking points on "insurance bailouts"."

Bernie Wants To Save You BILLIONS On Drugs


Let's Not Ignore the Real Heroes Who Saved Our Health Care System from Total Ruin @alternet

Let's Not Ignore the Real Heroes Who Saved Our Health Care System from Total Ruin @alternet:

"What all this media coverage ignores is the tireless and determined organizing of activist groups against the bill. If anyone is to be heralded a hero for saving the ACA, it’s the activists from ADAPT, a disability rights organization, who have been on the front lines fighting for their right to health care. The primary factor driving ADAPT organizers and disability rights activists is the need to protect Medicaid, a program that has helped an estimated 10 million disabled people and counting, according to Kaiser Family Foundation. With both the House and Senate’s health care bills proposing drastic cuts to Medicaid, people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable. “Medicaid is a lifeline for us,” said Laura Halvorson, a member of the DC Metro ADAPT chapter. “It gives us our life and liberty.” ADAPT activists, ranging in age from parents with younger children to the elderly, held about 40 protests, rallies and sit-ins this week and over the past few months to pressure the lawmakers working to strip health care away from millions of people. These demonstrations took place in legislative offices on Capitol Hill as well as representatives' local offices across the country, the message ringing loud and clear. Protesters were often met with aggressive police presence. A "die-in” protest organized by ADAPT on June 22 to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. LC—which affirmed the rights of the disabled to live in communities instead of institutions—outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office led to the arrests of 43 people. Footage from reporters on the scene shows officers lifting individuals out of their wheelchairs to remove them from the vicinity."

Ideology, Not Tactics, Killed Trumpcare
"There was no plan in that seven years, and there would have been no reasonable plan out of the conference committee, because a Republican health care bill is an oxymoron. The problem was never one of tactics, but always one of ideology. Every bill Republicans put forth was measured in the millions of Americans who would lose their coverage. There was never a plan on the table that would have given Americans cheaper, better, simpler, more effective access to health care. It only subtracted, because subtraction is what the Republicans in Congress believe in. They don't believe access to health care is a basic human right. They don't believe people should never go bankrupt because they get sick. They hide behind words like "freedom" and "personal responsibility," but what's freedom worth if you get cancer while making $30,000 a year? How can anyone who isn't fabulously wealthy be expected to take personal responsibility for bills that could easily go into the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars? Republican faith in the free market to solve all our problems doomed any attempt at writing a health care law. The free market doesn't care if people get sick, go bankrupt and die if there's no profit in it. The Affordable Care Act was a last-chance effort to preserve a market-based health care system, based largely on ideas that originated in conservative think tanks. Its failures – and there are some – are largely failures of too little regulation, not too much. The plan Republicans have been fiercely opposing because it has a Democratic president's name attached to it is the closest thing they could ever get to a GOP health care plan. Americans don't want to be kicked off our health insurance. We don't want it to become unaffordable, or to fail to cover our actual health care needs. But any plan that comes solely from the Republican Party will do exactly that. We know this because we just saw them try over and over again, and every result was the same: Less coverage, higher costs."

The Stunning Drama Of Killing The GOP Health Care Bill

The 3 most compelling moments from the Senate’s late night health care debate
"The Senate continued its health care debate late into Thursday night, deciding whether or not to strip health care from 16 million people while many Americans slept. Before the vote on the so-called “skinny repeal bill” at midnight on Friday, lawmakers held the floor to speak out about the legislation. Tensions were high, and senators bickered over policy and procedure. Here are three memorable moments from the late night session"

What McCain did was hard. What Murkowski and Collins did was much harder.
"Murkowski and Collins were the only Republicans to vote against a motion to proceed with the health care bill debate. Both women cast votes against the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which could have led to 22 million more uninsured Americans. They both also voted against the Obamacare Reconciliation Act — repeal and delay — which could have led to 32 million more uninsured Americans. Both senators said they could not support bills that would leave millions of people without health insurance. They also opposed provisions to defund planned parenthood. When skinny repeal — seemingly the last shot for the GOP — came down, they stood their ground and voted no again."

"Far from Over": Senate Narrowly Defeats Obamacare Repeal, But More Attacks on Healthcare Loom

Dean Heller's awful, stupid, really dumb Trumpcare vote
"Sen. Dean Heller was already having an extremely bad week, all entirely of his own making. For whatever reason, the extremely vulnerable Nevada Republican—the only one running in 2018 in a state that went for Clinton last year—decided he was going to vote against his constituents in order to stick with his party."

Sean Hannity Throws a Hissy Fit Because GOP, Trump are Frauds (Video)
"He seems “shocked” that Republicans have been exposed as frauds who never had any plan to replace Obamacare, spent the last few years lying about it to benefit themselves politically, and now that they were forced to turn their propaganda into action, backed down. Despite their anti-Obamacare crusade the last seven years, the GOP is well aware of how many conservatives have actually benefited from the law. What Hannity fails to mention is that, while the “skinny repeal” barely failed, the vote to reject the full-on repeal of Obamacare wasn’t even close. As far as not wanting “the president to succeed,” that’s just idiotic. During his campaign he promised a bill that would make health care cheaper, better, and cover more Americans — yet Trumpcare literally would have done none of that. It was going to strip-down coverage, raise premiums, and 22 million fewer Americans would have had health insurance by 2026. He then went on to claim that the “deck is stacked” against the Trump administration. It’s easy to understand why Trump and Hannity get along so well; they’re two of the biggest crybabies I’ve ever seen. In case anybody’s forgotten, the Republican Party controls the House, the Senate, and the White House. If they can’t pass legislation that’s on them — and nobody else. What Sean Hannity’s essentially whining about here is the fact that Donald Trump and the GOP are liars who pander to ignorance. Now he’s upset because their conservative fan fiction they all desperately want to be real is running up against a reality that would expose what con artists they are. They know if they instantly stripped health care away from millions — many of whom are their own voters — the political ramifications from that fallout would be catastrophic for the party at nearly every level of government. So Hannity can blame whoever, or whatever, he wants for the failures of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in fulfilling the lies they fed to millions of naive people who actually believed their nonsense."

Lawrence: The Resistance Showed Senators The Way On Health Care

'Skinny Repeal' Of Obamacare Goes Down In Flames

Trump angrily rants that ‘Obamacare is death’ – and it backfires hilariously

Trump angrily rants that ‘Obamacare is death’ – and it backfires hilariously:

"the president’s claim that Obamacare was “death” quickly ignited mockery on social media."

Trump Appears to Not Understand What Health Insurance Is
"the theory that our government can function even if the president is clueless is being tested."


Bipartisan Group Of Governors Warns Senate Not To Pass ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Bill
"A bipartisan group of 10 governors wrote a letter Wednesday urging the Senate to reject a proposed “skinny” health care bill that Republican leaders are now trying feverishly to pass. And if the collective voice of so many governors doesn’t get the attention of GOP leaders, the letter’s endorsement by one particular Republican governor might."

The GOP Is Willing to Destroy Our Democracy If That's What It Takes to Repeal Obamacare @alternet

The GOP Is Willing to Destroy Our Democracy If That's What It Takes to Repeal Obamacare @alternet:

"The Republicans have shown themselves to be the party that cares most about their power, political gamesmanship and serving their wealthy patrons. But the lawlessness they have embraced is multi-layered."

Somebody tell the United States Senate they are voting on a real bill
"Senate Republicans are primed to pass some kind of health care bill in the next 24 hours. The crazy thing is, they say they don't actually want it to become law.They just want to pass something and then start negotiations with the House on a much bigger bill. In fact, they want assurances that whatever they pass won't just be taken up by the House and passed. Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told reporters that senators weren't concerned about the "substance" of the bill they're about to vote on, they just want a guarantee the House won't pass it too. What on earth."

Senator Warren on the Republican "skinny repeal" health care bill

GOP Senators threaten to blow up Trumpcare unless they are given an unconstitutional guarantee
"Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ), and Ron Johnson (R-WI) held an odd press conference Thursday evening where they announced that they will vote for the latest gambit to advance Trumpcare, but only if they can be sure that the bill they vote for does not become law."

GOP Senators Call “Skinny” Repeal Bill a Fraud—But Say They Might Vote for It Anyway
"In other words, these four senators are saying that they are willing to vote for a bill they don’t support as long as congressional leaders promise it won’t actually become law."

Congressman Blake Farenthold: I'd Duel Female Senators If They Were Men

David Cay Johnston: Trump is "Appallingly Ignorant" on Healthcare & Puts Greed Above Human Lives


GOP senator says Trump should just sign health care bill even if he doesn’t know what’s in it
"On Wednesday, President Trump revealed profound confusion about how health insurance works, suggesting to the New York Times that he thinks people can buy coverage for $12 a year. Asked about Trump’s comments during an MSNBC interview Thursday morning, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) defended the president, saying he’s “about broad principles,” not specifics. But Cassidy — who publicly expressed concern about the version of Trumpcare that went down in flames earlier this week, and has proposed his own replacement plan — took things a step further. He went on to say that he doesn’t think it’s important for the president to understand the details health care legislation at all."

Does Trump Even Know What A Pre-Existing Conditions Is??

What Medicaid Cuts Would Mean to Our Children

Bernie Sanders Calls Trumpcare The Most Anti-Working Class Legislation Ever


Republicans Have Yet Another Health Care Bill. This One Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured.
"The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is out with yet another report on yet another Republican proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare. And yet again, the CBO is projecting that 22 million fewer people would have health insurance as a result of the legislation."

The President of the United States thinks health insurance costs $12 per year
"Other comments from Trump’s interview with the Times reveal that the president might not understand what health insurance is."